Jamming Away To An A

Cram Jam was hosted in Southside by Dining Services and Housing & Residence Life. We all enjoyed free pancakes with endless toppings. During the event, each student was encouraged to drop off their “study bucks” in order to win amazing prizes during the Study Bucks Drawing. This free social event was highly praised by the following three freshman students:

“Cram jam was less cramming of information and more jamming food into our mouths. There was great music and atmosphere though. Cram jam is a great way to relax, meet new people, and gain half of your freshman fifteen.”

– Olivia Stanford

“It was very crowded and a bit unorganized but I still had a great time! I loved it! Can’t wait for next year’s Cram Jam!”

– Rashid White

“The decorations were really cute and I think the best part was when they turned up the music and everyone started socializing. It was a really amazing night and I had a great time. People go crazy for those study parties!”

– Ashley Riley

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