Freshman Horror Stories

Freshman year of college is an exciting time full of unique and memorable experiences. But even though those experiences are memorable, they don’t necessarily have to be your favorite memory.  From late nights cram sessions to 7am classes, freshman year is considered by many to be the best year of your life. Here are a few stories from some freshman who believe that their experiences can be constituted as “horror worthy”.

 “My friend on Washington 3rd [President’s Park] has a roommate who would smoke in the room. My friend asked her to stop, but she did not and lied about it. My friend found [paraphernalia] in her car, after the roommate borrowed it, and also  hidden under her bed. In the end, my roommate told her resident advisor. Her roommate no longer smokes in the room. ”

– Anonymous, President’s Park, Jefferson Hall

“Within the first two weeks of school, my room was flooded due to it being connected to the showers.  We had developed black mold, and my roommates and couldn’t live in our room for two weeks.”

– Anonymous, President’s Park, Jefferson Hall

 “My story is about when I brought a friend over to spend the night. We were having a good time, chilling and telling stories. Then, my roommate comes in and I’m like “This is my friend”. So we all start talking and continue having a good time, but the topic of my roommate’s Christmas present comes up.  For Christmas, I had bought her a vibrator as a joke, and she currently has it in her dorm closet. So I’m asking her all these questions, such as “Have you used it?” and “How is it?” Later, I come to find out that she used it. I was happy because I did not want it to be a waste of my money. Soon, she is talking to my friend about it, and I am not paying attention because I have heard all of this before. The next thing I know something was thrown at my face! As it turns out, my roommate thought it was a good idea to throw her used vibrator at my face. All I could think was “What is wrong with you?” Her response? “I cleaned it.”, while she simply just shrugged. Now, I am scarred for life because I have been hit in the face with my roommate’s used vibrator.”

– Anonymous, President’s Park, Jefferson Hall

“Last semester, my history teacher yelled at me and my friend that we were going to flunk out of school and we weren’t good enough for college. We both ended up passing his class with good grades. ”

– Anonymous, President’s Park, Truman Hall

“I guess it was an ordinary Thursday, or Halloween as others know it, and I was done with classes for the week.  I was going a little crazy in my room, so I asked a friend for a ride to another friend’s house. Pretty much the whole ride went smoothly.  He goes to make a right turn on Prince William Parkway. He is paying attention to oncoming traffic and not to the cars in front of him. I called his name to try and get his attention, in order to tell him he’s about to hit it, because the car in front of us had stopped, unexpectedly. He winds up bumping the car, and I had a close enough look to see there was no damage before he decided to go around the car and push 70mph during down Prince William Parkway.  I’m screaming at the top of my lungs begging him to stop the car, as we’re swerving in and out of cars. The next thing I know, he’s trying to take a right turn to move off the road we are on. We are going way too fast for the turn and our brakes lock, so we end up in the air over an incline, hit a tree and flipped over into a pond. All I remember is watching as my life flashed before my eyes.

         “Once the car had come to a complete stop, all I could think about was how I was going to get out of this car. There was water coming in rapidly, as I tried to get my seatbelt off. It was up to my waist before I got it off, and I vigorously moved to the backseat to try and open a car window. I soon realized that we probably wouldn’t be able to get out until the car was completely filled with water. As that thought passed through my mind, all I remember was the door opening and then somehow I was standing on the sidewalk looking at the car upside down in the pond. As soon as I was out of the car, I started crying, and then I realized that all of my belongings, including my laptop, were in there, which made me cry harder. We were saved because a passerby saw our car go into the pond. If that person decided not to stop his car and go into the water in order to pull us out, we might be dead.”

– Anonymous, President’s Park, Jefferson Hall

“I’ve often heard President’s Park be called by upperclassmen as the “projects of campus”. I always thought of it as more of a community, where freshmen can come together and have fun in the open air. But I guess one thing that comes with community are ants. Yep. I said it. ANTS! My most embarrassing moment of freshman year would have to be when a swarm of ants came out of my schoolbag, during my IT 103 lecture. I was mortified and had to wait till the end of class to dump out my bag. From then on, I never brought that bag into that room ever again.”

-Nadgeena Jerome, President’s Park, Jefferson Hall

“While at Ella’s, a restaurant in D.C., the waiter kept refilling my water in rapid succession. After a while, I started taking this as a challenge. I ended up downing about 13 glasses before leaving. Though I used the restroom before leaving, I ended up feeling uncomfortable on the Metro ride from Foggy Bottom to Vienna. I just missed the shuttle upon ariving at the Vienna station and proceeded to wait for the next one. After the 40 minute metro ride and this 30 minute wait for a shuttle, I had to go badly. When the shuttle finally did arrive, he let the passengers off and said he  needed to refuel. After he came back 20 minutes later, I still had to sit through the 20 minute ride back to campus, before reaching a restroom. That wait was excruciating.”

-Hannah LaClaire, Piedmont

“One night my roommate and I decided to get all dressed up to go out that night. Though we had no plans, we figured  something would come up. We ate dinner at The Rat. and proceeded to walk around campus texting about possible gatherings that night. We ran into one of her classmates and friends, and met a few other people. After talking to them for a few hours outside, we decided against going out that night. Seeing as it was already well past 12 AM,  I left the conversation early to go change into a more comfortable outfit and out of my high heels. On the short and well-lit walk back to the Park, I came across a group of about 4 guys who stood staring at me. Though one was smoking, none of them were speaking. This very strange situation became sketchier as they did not move upon my approach. Their positions required that I walk through their group. As I stood about 15 feet away, they called out to me. “Watch out! There’s a snake there!” “He won’t hurt you! Just don’t get too close.”

“I figured this was some sort of ruse. I saw this stick like object on the ground. Only when I was standing directly in front of it, did I see the definite shape of a snake’s head. Terrified and uncomfortable, I  still chose to push forward seeing as I was too tired to turn back. I walked past the snake and through the group of guys, hoping that none of them would follow me. Never have I been so scared to be walking alone as a small woman.”

-Ana Carolina Machado Silva, President’s Park, Adams Hall

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