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Freshman Horror Stories

Freshman year of college is an exciting time full of unique and memorable experiences. But even though those experiences are memorable, they don’t necessarily have to be your favorite memory.  From late nights cram sessions to 7am classes, freshman year is considered by many to be the best year of your life. Here are a …

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Spring Into Well Being this Earth Day

Well-being, the state of being happy, comfortable, and healthy, is a movement that is taking the country, and the world, by storm. Corporate offices, elementary schools, universities, and even state and local governments are implementing mindfulness practices into their routines in an effort to promote well-being. George Mason University is no exception. “Spring into Well-Being” …

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Fresh Fest: Showcase of the Freshman Patriot Experience!

All photography credits go to IV Estate’s own Amy Rose.

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Freshman Stars of the Fall

College freshmen face many new changes that may be difficult to handle over the course of the first few months. The struggles range from the several aspects for self-reliance, a new environment, and keeping the body and the mind healthy. But for some students, there is an added component that makes things a little more …

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